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Western Theater of Operations

The Western Theater of Operations is generally thought to include from north to south, from the Ohio River down to the Gulf of Mexico. East to west, from Virginia's western border, through Tennessee, down the western border of Georgia and traveling the edge of the Florida panhandle, keeping all of Alabama in the Western Theater of Operations.


For our purposes we will use the geographical landmarks that the government used to divide the areas of operation at the beginning of the war. This would make the Western Theater of Operations, North to South while we agree that the Ohio River was the best single geographical landmark to end the northern border, because of action above the Ohio River we will include the north borders of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio as the northern top edge of the Western Theater.  East to West from the middle crest of the Appalachian Mountains down through the Dalton Georgia area traveling down the eastern border of Alabama keeping the Florida panhandle intact along the rest of Alabama, to the western banks of the Mississippi River down through Baton Rouge, New Orleans and into the Gulf, splitting the toe off of Louisiana's boot.






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