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Job Descriptions

Welcome to our section on the SUVCW Jobs (elected and appointed) and their Descriptions. Here you will have the opportunity to complete several job title courses for certificates which can be used if you wish to run for any of these elected or appointed offices. They will also count towards your future degree credits. This course of study is broken down into three sections, Level 100=Camp, Level 200=Department & Level 300=National.

In each section you will find a job title and it's description as stated in the most current Constitution & Regulation (C&R), if there is further information on any of the job titles, those job titles will be in italics and underlined.

Click on these job titles to enter the individual course on that job title. Here you will find reference materials and/or videos to study to assist you in completing a exam on that job title in order to be awarded a certificate in that job title.

Level 200

Level 300

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