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      Constitution & Regulations

Welcome to this course on the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, this course will test you on your understanding of our Constitution & Regulations which are the rules of our Order.

This Course is to read the Constitution & Regulations of the SUVCW

Below you will find 12 Lesson Quizzes, each of which will test you on areas of the Constitution & Regulations and they must be completed in order to move to the next lesson.

Once all 12 lessons have been completed you will be able to download a temporary graduation document. You will than be contacted by the National Patriotic Instructor of the SUVCW who will ask you to choose how you would like to be presented your Official Graduation Certificate, in the mail or in-person at the National Encampment. This will be your choice.

All Reference Materials needed for this Course can be found at the bottom of this page via the "Link to Constitution & Regulations" hyperlink or on the Reference Materials Page, click either of these links to download your free copy of the C&R for use during this course, during each lesson quiz and for future use.

In order to begin each lesson's quiz, just click on the Lesson link you wish to take below, you will be taken to our test host, fill in the required information, under the "START" section using your email address (use the email address you want connected to this account) and password that you create and than retype to verify (to start you must create your password, this password will be used with your email address to get you back into your account), Please write these down as you will need them to sign into each Lesson's "START" section and take the test. If for some reason you need to stop taking your quiz, log out and you may resume it at a later time. To resume a quiz at a later time, click on the Lesson Link you wish to resume and in the "RESUME" section (click on "RESUME") Fill in your email address and password and you will be able to complete your quiz.


A quiz score of 75% or above is needed to pass each lesson, you will have at least two attempts to pass the quiz and to receive the password to the next lesson. If you have passed this open book test, you will receive an email and so will the Administrator of Memorial University and the National Patriotic Instructor for further action as needed. If you have not passed after your last attempt, please reread the C & R, than contact the National Patriotic Instructor and he will reset your your quiz attempts to start over. If you pass, download the certificate, it contains the password you will need to move on to the next lesson.

A helpful hint:

Please remember this is an open book course, with no time limit and you are allowed to use the Constitution & Regulation download while taking the lesson quizzes. In some cases the listed answers may contain more than one correct answer, it is up to you, the test taker, to match the correct answer with the asked question as stated in Constitution & Regulations.


                   Lesson #1                   Lesson #2                   Lesson #3                   Lesson #4                   Lesson #5                   Lesson #6

                   Lesson #7                   Lesson #8                   Lesson #9                   Lesson #10                 Lesson #11                 Lesson #12

Reference Materials needed for this Course

Link to Constitution & Regulations

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