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                                                                                                      Welcome to Memorial University!

This is the website for the new SUVCW Education and Training program. In the coming months, this site will be updated with new content, providing more information about the program, its features, and how you will engage with it. Whether you are a brand-new brother, or one who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to our Order, let me welcome you to this site and thank you for committing yourself to furthering your professional development in the SUVCW.

Our leadership team agreed to serve with Memorial University because of its commitment to teaching, and the ability to share a passion for the Allied Orders with each of you. Our staff is dedicated to your success, ensuring your desire to reach your greatest potential is met. However, the best learning experiences are where students are transformed by what they experience both in and outside of a formal classroom setting. This experience is your chance to be transformed by the people you meet and the lessons you learn. For that reason, successful completion of online courses is not enough; active participation at the Camp and/or the Department levels is essential.

Welcome again to Memorial University. I’m confident our program will prepare you to be a better leader
and help shape you into the role model our organization will be inspired by.


The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) is a federally chartered, benevolent, non-profit corporation. That charter helped establish the SUVCW’s three missions: Patriotic Education, Honoring Union Veterans and those of all U.S. conflicts, and Preserving and Perpetuating the Grand Army of the Republic. To accomplish its missions, the SUVCW needs an informed, active adult membership trained in leadership, management, and functional tasks. The SUVCW Education and Training Program prepares members to serve the Order, their communities, and their nation. The Education and Training (ET) Function. The Education and Training function is managed through Memorial University. Memorial University is organized using an academic structure. Three levels comprise the SUVCW Education and Training Program:

Level I, Camp, The Learning Phase The materials in Level I focus on developing a competent member who can participate actively at the Camp level and those aspiring to serve on Camp staff or as a commander. The intent of Level I is to provide members with the information they need to begin their service in the SUVCW successfully, as well as help them to assimilate into their Camp. They begin to learn new skills. These skills help the SUVCW, as well as aid individual growth. In Level I, members learn the expectations associated with being a brother; commit to serving as a staff officer or commander, develop an appreciation for the role the member plays in the Camp, and learn the professional decorum and skills necessary for serving on Camp staff.

Level II, Department, The Senior Leadership Phase. The materials in Level II focus on developing a competent member who can participate actively at the Department level. The intent of Level II is to provide members with the skills necessary for a Department level leader who aspires to serve on staff or as a commander. In Level II, the member learns more about how the Camp and Department supports all three of the SUVCW’s missions, as well as how to lead and manage. The pre-requisite to enter Level II is the completion of Level I.

Level III, National, The Executive Leadership Phase. Level III focuses on developing the Department level leader who aspires to serve on National staff or as a commander. The intent of Level III is to develop a strategic view of our organization and continued leadership skills. This is the highest level of member career development and prepares members to serve on National staff, as a National Commander-in-Chief. As such, only the members most dedicated to advancing their education and training complete this level. The pre-requisite to enter Level III is the completion of Level II.