Welcome to Memorial University!

This is the website for the new SUVCW professional development program. In the coming months, this site will be updated with new content providing more information about the program, its features, and how you will engage with it. This system is designed for use with a desktop or laptop computer, it is functional with your mobile device but some formatting could be altered.

Whether you are a brand-new brother, or one who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to our Order, let me welcome you to this site and thank you for committing yourself to furthering your professional development in the SUVCW.

Our leadership team agreed to serve with Memorial University because of its commitment to teaching, and the ability to share a passion for the Allied Orders with each of you. Our staff is dedicated to your success, ensuring your desire to reach your greatest potential is met. However, the best learning experiences are where students are transformed by what they experience both in and outside of a formal classroom setting. This experience is your chance to be transformed by the people you meet and the lessons you learn. For that reason, successful completion of online courses is not enough; active participation at the Camp and/or the Department levels is essential. 

Welcome again to Memorial University.  I’m confident our program will prepare you to be a better leader and help shape you into the role model our organization will be inspired by.